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The fear and trepidation of the dreaded "computer has crashed please revert to a good RESTORE POINT"

Updated: May 6, 2020

If this has ever happened to you, and you are very fortunate if it hasn't, the initial feelings may include one or all of the following:- complete and utter panic; feeling physically sick; a fear that the world may shortly end; the desperate desire to throw the computer out of a 3 storey building .....................

My question, though, is this such a bad thing to happen ?

- should we welcome it with open arms

- have you ever applied the concept to you life as a whole, and,

- perhaps you should even instigate it once a quarter ?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and, as we look back on how we escaped being consumed by apparent loss from such an event, which always happens at the worst possible moment, these times can often be considered "therapeutic", "a blessing in disguise". They may even force us into a massive clear out we knew was well overdue and, although with a little "pruning" pain, have actually helped us clear our desktop and add back only the things that were absolutely necessary rather the accumulated mass of "stuff" we may even denie was put their by our own hand ?

Of course it's a very personal decision too see how this might apply to your non-work world, but, as a business leader, you might want to take the time to stand back, reflect and consider some of the following:-

- What are our core business objectives and when did we last, truly, evaluate them ?

- Which of our customers / suppliers are true Partners ?

- If we lost 100% of inventory in a fire today, what would we add back tomorrow ?

- When did I last "retreat and regroup" for a whole day ?

- Why should put up with late, inaccurate and irrelevant supposed "KPI's" and information ?

- How often do I really invest in my senior team and does my behaviour reflect my leadership ? (for good or bad)

And the list goes on ..................................

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