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For those about to Rock I encourage you (aka Keep on Keeping going !)

If challenges and events are starting to rock the surety of the goals you set for your journey don't throw it all away just because of a few set-backs.

No-one ever said it would be easy; that doesn't mean your vision and goals are wrong; and, its ok (in fact its essential) to a breather (rest, recuperate, and re-group) from time to time.

When we're in the thick of a long term business development or turnaround (cultural, process, financial or otherwise) there will always be crunch points where we doubt ourselves, our plans and our motives. Periodic exhaustion is an occuptaional hazard for which we need a pre-prepared checklist.

In the cold light of day some of the things on our checklists may appear obvious, and possibly patronising. Doing the basics well is the bedrock of any business; so a list of the blindingly obvious needs creating whilst calm and collected:-

  1. Why am I surprised when I become exhausted, having burned the candle at both ends, solidly, for such a sustained period. If I don't take a break I'll be no use to anyone whatsoever !

  2. I always knew doing something fundamental that someone else should have done, but didn't, would never be acknowledged, so why am I waiting for recognition ?

  3. Did anyone say it would be a breeze, and if it was becoming easy was I just fooling myself ?

  4. Just because everything isn't going to our perfect plan doesn't mean the plan is wrong - s*** happens !

  5. Have I looked at my list of "what slips when my work : life balance goes to pot" lately - NO, so why should I not be surprised (palm to forehead emoji !!!) ?

Reciting and reminding ourselves of the 5 points above might be our free self-therapy session and a wake up call. What you do about them is the key:-

  • Dropping everything for 24 hours over a weekend and not touching one jot of work is ESSENTIAL (if someone offers to lock your laptop away thank them gracefully)

  • Replenishing your sleep is critical and will leave you even more exhausted for a day or so - less sleep for weeks won't be put right after just 1 day !

  • A bit of exercise and thinking space can work wonders

  • Some retail therapy often hits the spot

  • Space, however short, with friends, family, loved ones and hobbies can feel like an introvenous infusion bringing clarity and spurring you on to the next phase - often all you have to do is say YES to a request to spend time with those that matter

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