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Why do people continue to say "you really need to review your core business processes if you hope to improve performance" ? Perhaps because their truth points to the fact that it works time and time again ............

The point of this prompt is to ask "WHY should I ......" rather than to dig into the detail and mechanics, tools and techniques of HOW I go about it.

Initially lets look at this from a passive perspective before moving to a more active / objective view point.

Again lets look at it through the eyes of the independent coffee shop to bring a sense of realism.

If we formed our business 20-30 years ago, and never reviewed anything, it is likely:

- the same things continue to be done, day in day out

- minds have never been streched

- no one ever asks "why", they just get on the treadmill

- our tools and equipment probably look worn out

- we operate inefficiently

- our competition has overtaken us

- our facilities look more like a grave yard

- we may not even be in business

- at best we have marginalised our offering to something very basic

For our treasured coffee shop this might mean:-

- we may have evolved from Camp to Instant coffee

- we might offer PG Tips tea as well as instant coffee

- we still use the green cups and saucers

- the washing up is all done by hand

- if we offer takeaway, our cups probably carry no branding

- begrudgingly we might warm the milk, but only if a customer asks

- we expect customers to purchase a product rather than be offered an "experience"

- repeat customers only come back because they feel sorry for you, owner

Quite a stark reality !!

To consider the flip side, all you need to do is walk into any chain or independant and compare the reality you experience TODAY vs the downside listed above.

SO, Why not perform a comparative exercise for your product / service / business and open your eyes to the potential it might unleash in your teams and businesses ...................

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