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Getting Coffee

Solution Fundamentals

we do the basics well

Solutions: Projects
Giving a Presentation

Your Applications

- your ERP, your Data
- no fancy software
- Office applications, used well

Touchscreen Computer

Equipping Your Team

- making changes stick
- coaching on why & how
- checking results & validation

Working Together

Engaging your organisation

- enthusing your key people
- equipping & educating
- callaborative learning



  • Work with CEO / SMT to conclude turnaround, converted into Portfolio FD Role

  • Developed finance team to lead the business

  • MI to meet ongoing business needs

  • Cashflow / Funding to meet board expectations and business needs

  • 2 : 1 Site consolidation initiator & project lead

  • Key player in implementing 80% business growth with major input into S&OP Strategy and Operational Performance


  • Turnaround, converted into Portfolio FD Role

  • £0.5m Inventory Reduction + Balance Sheet cleansing

  • Restructuring - headcount and CBILS Loan

  • Customer & Product profitability supporting increased pricing

  • Robust Performance Monitoring and Review

  • Sales & Operations Planning - process, tools and drivers


  • Core Business Process reviews

  • Financial Credibility with Board Members

  • Instigate Pipeline rigour, control and management

  • Balance sheet review and validation

  • Actual Performance and Forecasting fundamentals


  • Business & Organisation Reviews

  • Historical Sales BI to support business growth action plan

  • Foundations for medium term exit strategy

Solutions: Welcome
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