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Is there anyone with you in the basket ?

Owners / leaders / entrepreneurs need to perpetually view their businesses from 10,000 ft and appreciate how this needs to translate at grass roots levels, without delay - being sufficiently agile to change tack as soon as is necessary, not creating organisational havoc whilst doing so ....

However, this does have serious repercussions on your perpective and who is with you on the journey. Here are just a few considerations in doing so:-

  1. Do I even like flying ?

  2. Am I scared of heights ?

  3. Can I take in a panorama ?

  4. Am I short sighted

  5. Room for anyone else in the basket ?

  6. The ballon debate - who goes ?

How many times have I heard from senior business leaders "its lonely at the top" ? To which my challenge is "So who have you invited on the journey" ?

  1. Ensuring you have a "PARTNER" is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. For some it will be inside and for others outside the business. Whether it be your FD / CFO, a non-exec or a coach / mentor you need at least a monthly view from the basket. Depending on the amount of change needed, a more frequent view may be appropriate in the short term. And by the way, don't think COST when you put this in place, think VALUE

  2. Choosing the AGENDA is the next key step. You need to empower, and be open, to being challenged out of you comfort zone; to welcome someone being appropriately blunt wirth you; agreeing yours and their roles along the journey; and, allowing them to force you to view the panorama when you least feel like doing so. If you're not covering a. Vision b. Performance c. Critical Success Factors d. Key players regularly then you are missing the point, big time

  3. The third key action is to DIARISE (and stick to it !) regular time when nothing, barring emergncies and world disasters will be allowed to interrupt your preious time in the basket (possibly changing location, environment, etc. to effectively facilitate the time)

Don't delay, evaluate your balloon basket today and start seeing the benefits in your business tomorrow ....................

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