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The focus for this short series is how YOU are driving YOUR business, but, for 5 minutes, lets consider "do I ever let anyone else drive" and the consequences of YOUR decision ....

The point is not to question your response but to ask:-

- Am I controlling ?

- Can anyone else drive ?

- Do we stop moving without me ?

- Am I stunting growth or faciliating it ?

- Does this influence business value ?

Yes YOU must ensure there is a direction of travel.

Yes YOU must lead the journey

Yes YOU must consider why we are travelling

Yes YOU must ensure the vehicle is equipped, safe and well fuelled

When asked "what do you do in your organisation" a wise leader responded "I aim to do only what I can do and delegate the rest"

Therefore, don't ask "will someone else cause us to crash " but instead, "what will we miss if I don't pass the keys to someone else" and "how much more can I see when I don't have to stare at the road for hours on end"

Little Johnny had had enough and decided to leave home. An hour later or so later a neighbour spotted Johnny on the street corner with his suitcase and asked "what are you doing here Johnny". His response "mum told me never to cross the road on my own" ...............

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