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Know your Peers and Colleagues

Our default position is to jump straight into tasks, issuing instructions, Plan Do Check Act at 100mph as a deadline is pressing and yet another problem needs solving.

How often do we think to take a step back, invest some time into understanding our team, how they think, how they work, how we might get the best out of them, how to encourage each individual and how to hold each other accountable for their regular and periodic project tasks.

Doing this properly is just one of the steps nearer to becoming a leader whose personal and team credibility stand out from the crowd.

Follow these simple steps and a small investment will pay dividends over and over:-

1. Set aside an hour per month as pure investment time for each direct report

2. Let each person know this is you investing in them not you checking up on their tasks

3. Get to know them and dig into their aspirations (work & non-work)

4. Inquire how you might help and check in with them periodically in general chats

** Before you start the process ask them to complete a quick online profile, also do this yourself and understand the dynamics behind how your profiles might best interact and also rub up each other the wrong way.

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