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How much Capacity do have on a Full Charge ?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The chatter of late seems to have moved away from EV cars and range fear, more towards the new norm of working patterns, behaviours, stress from not taking a break and how we ensure boundaries are in place whilst working from home.

So how do you exatract yourself to recharge your batteries and what does this mean for your health and those around you; those you work with; and those who work for you ?

a. are you looking for a full charge in 20 minutes

b. is a slow and steady recharge more fitting to you personality and style

c. do you run till completely empty and then need a day or more to even be able to take any charge

d. do you run on fumes until someone has to point out you need to plug in to a charger ?

e. when you take time out do you binge, refuel wisely or fill your tank with junk ?

f. what does your behaviour convey to others ?

  1. Whatever our brain tells us, no-one is effective 12 hours a day indefintely

  2. None work activities and input add significantly to your work activities and interaction with colleagues and clients

  3. No-one will ever get to the pearly gates and say "I wish I had spent more time working"

Many much wiser than I have dined out or earned royalties into the millions on this subject. What works for me is a simple mind map where I look at how I generally spend my time; what looks good when I am observing a good work life balance; and, consequently what I can see slipping when the balance isn't healthy (less contact with friends, less physical exercise, no time to read, family comes a very poor second, etc.)

Just reflecting on this topic for merely half an hour could massively change your perspective, improve your wellbeing and help hit the "rest" button.

If you get really serious you might even feel brave enough to programme in a half day personal retreat once a quarter ...............

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