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Those of us of a certain era will remember these historic song lyrics. I hope that, you reading this, means you have made the decision to unravel HOW you drive your business BETTER. If so I, I take my hat off to you as we start a short weekly journey.


When asked "if I gift you a 25% sales increase tomorrow, what would your ideal product / service, technology and customer offering look like for this new business" what would be your response ?

If it takes you longer than 30 seconds to be in a position to deliver a considered and coherent response you need to take some time out, very quickly, to be in a position to respond to answering such a question in your stride without even blinking. If you don't know what to do with a GIFT what chance are you going to have with a massive challenge ??????

Picking up the prompt from the image of the mouth-watering product to the left of this text, lets take a few minutes to explore the reallity of the quesion posed above ...........

Once you get the idea, get a few of your senior team together and see if you / they (perhaps indivudally and then collectively ?) can do likewise for your own business

  1. What do you sell and what do you make that you sell ?

  2. Do you offer a product, a service, or both ?

  3. Do you have a target customer profile / group of profiles ?

  4. Do you operate around the clock ?

  5. In which geographical regions do you operate and where is your business based ?

  6. Do you have capacity to sell / make more if demanded ?

  7. How much stock do you hold and why ?

  8. Do your customers ask you for things you don't make or sell ?

  9. How does news spread about your business - good and bad ?

  10. Is your product / service in anyway unique from those of your competitors ?

  11. If so, how do you protect it and maximise its potential ?

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