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Does your FD own a pair of red underpants ?

If they don't you may have the wrong FD

If they need to wear them all the time they may have the wrong boss / client

So, apart from the ability to use add 2+2 (always giving the answer you need), and the mastery of Excel on an intravenous level, what should you come to expect from your FD.

Perhaps the creatives could create an identikit picture from the attributes below ..............

  • eyes like a hawk

  • heart like iron man

  • patience of a saint

  • skin like an aligator

  • wisdom of Solomon

  • ears like doctor Spoc

  • the speed of Hermes

  • hands like Gordon Banks

  • listens to confessions like Mother Theresa

  • enough energy for them-self, you and the rest of the team

Now that you have your 10 attributes for the headhunter when you need your next FD, lets peel back a few more layers on NEEDS

  • Belbin - completer : finisher - solving problems whilst the Senior Team talks about them

  • Meyers Briggs - border line I / E - allows others' egos, great in front of stakeholders

  • Ability to pop things in boxes that weigh down others to the point of drowning

  • Shows just enough vulnerability to remind others they are, in fact, human

  • Has an answer to all of your problems before you think of the questions

  • The focussing system of Canon's high end professional camera's

  • Mind set like Norman Hunter - nothing gets past them, ever ......

  • Not a stranger to humility and empathy

  • A leader, mentor and coach

And the Quid Quo Pro when you have your dream partner in place ?

  • a thank-you, at least once a year, goes a long way

  • a bit of CPD and networking is cheaper than paying for a therapist

  • appropriate reward and remuneration, without having to be reminded

  • a sound-proofed office is for everyone's benefit, not to deaden the sound of torture

  • remembering if your call goes to voicemail, occasionally, its because we have a life too

If you are frustrated you are not getting a lot of the stuff above, get in touch

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