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Are you a business leader ?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We have all seen the posts about attributes of leaders and its so easy to nod in agreement, but how often do we ask ourselves "who have I invested in lately" ??

Several years ago I attended a seminar by Sir Clive Woodward covering aspects of stepping stones to the Eng

land rugby team's 2003 world cup victory. One of his stories covered a week with the Marines where their key question was "would you jump out of a helicopter with your team mat

es, into a war zone, trusting thenm with your life ....". Certainly food for thought.

The key, even here though, is not to point the finger but ask "would anyone doubt jumping out of a helicopter with me ?" which kicks off a whole different set of questions, and may send us running for the hills.

Perhaps a realistic place to start is to:-

  • reflect on some of your interactions with people over the last month

  • ask if you have invested in people - family, friends, colleagues

  • if not, perhaps asking WHY, might be appropriate

  • and, if YES, to look at how you have done it, what have been your motives, and whether those people feel you have placed VALUE in them

  • If done well you need to put SELF last and put them FIRST - our behaviours are generally quite transparaent so don't fool yourself

I could give personal examples but the point isn't to create a scorecard. Like anything, making a note to do something; repeating it until a dicipline becomes a habit; and, then it will hopefully be part of your personal DNA - ultimately it would be amazing for others to recgonise you by this attribute.

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