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Who is driving my business forwards ?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The $64m dollar question for business owners - face it and be challenged, avoid it and beware ......

  • If you have any hesitation regarding WHO is driving your business performance it is unlikely it is being driven at all

  • Avoiding the question won't make the issue(s) go away and neither will the question get magically answered

  • Your best course of action is to RESOLVE to CHANGE the ANSWER and seek HELP in GUIDING YOU on the journey for the answer NEVER to BE IN DOUBT again

A number of analyses / reviews are advisable including the following:-

  1. Clarify and validate the BUSINESS MODEL

  2. Ensure the business has a NICHE or unique offering over competitors

  3. Review core business PROCESSES, ensuring they are appropriate and effective

  4. Evaluate your Business and Organisation STRUCTURES

  5. Secure FUNDING to support the plans you make

  6. Set TARGETS and GOALS with a robust, regular PERFORMANCE REVIEW mechanism

  7. Review key STRATEGIES effectiveness at least quarterly

  8. VALUE your PEOPLE acknowledging their contributions appropriately

  9. Look at your business from the view point of an OUTSIDER (investor / acquirer)

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