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Business Performance

challenging Paradigms, providing Significance in Business Excellence, with Integrity

Paradigm facilitates optimal Business Performance in SME organisations

Specialising in turnarounds and step changes in Business Performance with a global 30 year track record of success.

Owner / Entrepreneurs gain a renewed vision for the potential of their business in the Execlounge

As we partner them on their journey to the successful achievement of their goals.

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what keeps you awake at night

this question is the reason for the existence of Paradigm; sharing the burden and partnering you on the journey is our role.
challenging you to address the issues head-on is our MO; being there at every turn is something you can rely upon.

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Creative Meeting
Discussing the Numbers


Our experience is that individuals come to work to do a great job.  Tapping into their knowledge, skills, experience and motivations is an essential tool to removing roadblocks.  Facilitating them becoming part of the solution means that long term success can become reality.


There is simply no substitute for watching and listening to what people do.  Questioning why, and understanding the motivations behind their decisions, interventions and actions is a key interaction.  Involving them in the discussion and solution means they help shape the journey rather than feel they are being "done to".


Our initial evaluation goes as deep as your desire, or our time, will allow and typically involves the creation of a  historical analysis data set on which to base a business performance discussion.  Profitability, Sales Trends, Balance sheet, Pipeline, Cashflow and Working Capital analysis are likely to form the crux of this.

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Contact us and find how we can impact your Business Performance

4 Gordon Terrace, Idle, West Yorkshire, BD10 8LS, UK

0330 133 0971

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