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Do you ever focus on HOW you deliver your Business Offering rather than the specifics of your product or service ? Even the idea might send your mind into freefall, over thinking the topic, but don't fall into the trap of giving up before you've even started .....

2. HOW I DELIVER MY OFFERING means I regularly need to consider

  • Am I credible in every aspect of business

  • Do my customers and potential customers see this in action

  • Are the results of my business offering visible

  • Do customers attest to why they consume my product / service

Change is often feared, but if your customers look back on their journey with you, can they see a positive change in them, their team, or their business brought about as a result of your partnering them - have they been challenged as a result of you or your product / business ?

Continuing with the coffee shop analogy:-

  1. Why do I visit the same coffee shop regularly

  2. Does their product stand out above others'

  3. Do I respect the people who serve me

  4. Is their global responsibility obvious

  5. Do they purchase ethically

  6. Do they care about my needs

  7. Is my value to them visible

  8. Do they sometimes surprise me with a little twist

  9. What do I get other than coffee and cake that keeps bringing me back

  10. Do I evangelise about them, their service and their product to others

Looking back on some of your previous customer relationships can be an invaluable tool to determine whether you are sucessfully deploying the delivery of your business model.

Don't ignore the opportunity to look back in order to look forward more effectively.

And don't be afraid of asking your customers "why do you use our product or service" instead of others'

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